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Matt Fly

Big Bass daily movements

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We have had numerous threads on Trophy Class bass hunting. Shallow or deep, territorial or nomads, feeding habits horizontal or vertical. John Hope tagged and tracked large bass in several Tx lakes. His finding are very key in the mindset of patterning Larger Bass.




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Thanks for the links Matt. They are all printed out for study and I hope to pass the test with flying colors this spring. 8-)

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Ahh yes, the Hope tracking study. That was originally put out in In-Fisherman many years ago.  I believe I have the articles cut out and saved.  

Interesting material about how large bass spend their day.  Much of what was written has tended to be true when I relate my big bass catches to his observations.

A must read for anyone.

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Yup good stuff but as always why does it seem that the more we learn the more we want to know?  The Hope studies were indeed ground breaking and the basic information they put into the bass information base is still, as on this forum being looked at and relearned. For those of us in the Northern tier though some studies out of Ontario may be a little more usefull. In-Fisherman has published sereral of them over the years and if I can find them again I will get them on here for all to look at.

I think one still needs to be carefull with any of these studies for reasons that have been mentioned on here more than once. Every lake is to some extent different. LM are indeed LM but differences in things like water temps, forage bases and even varriatons in bottom topography or seasonal varriations in cover.

Another thread on here that looked at different ways to keep fishing records is nothing more than an extension of this and the more that each of us do of it on our own the more each of us will know about the nuances of fish movement on our home waters.

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