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Matt Fly

Share lunker #18

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WOW!! That is another big bass! Thanks for sharing once again.

One thing I've noticed is a lot of these bass are just over 13 pounds. Makes me wonder how many were just under. That must be heartbreaking if you catch a 12-15! Have any been rejected because the angler weighed the fish at 13+ but the fish actually weighed under 13 on an official scale? Just curious how something like that would work.

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I haven't been that close in Texas to 13 during the Oct-April sharelunker program.    Know of some that were over 13 on digitals but not certified scales.

With all my buddies scales, since I calibrate medical devices, I calibrate them or know the offset in difference.

I recommend that you take a few weights to the Post Office and ask them to weigh them on their cerified scales, I will pre-attatch a string on the weights before weighing so you can hang them on the scale.    2, 5, 12.5 lb weights are excellant to get the difference, ie........over or under by how much.

There is a poteniometer inside that can be tweaked if you know how to adjust, or you can remember what those weights weighed and do the math in your head.

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To check the accuracy of my scales, I went to the Military Commisary and purchased a plastic bag of bananas and a plastic bag of apples; both of these sold by the pound.  When I got home, I already had the bananas and apples in plastic bags.  Just hung on scale, make a reference note of weight for future use, put away scale, ate apples and bananas.  

Got a good certified weight and some excellent eating all in one package.


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