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how to make a picture

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Glenn, that explains how to get a pic in your post, but where do I find out how to get a pic as my avatar???

I've been on here awile, but I'm not a computer wiz, I'm a fishing wiz...   BIG DIFFERENCE

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Please read the FAQ's.  It's in there.  :)

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This post will instruct you step by step on how to load your AVATAR.

An Avatar is the personal picture you see to the left of your posts.

You will need to know how to do 2 things before beginning.

1. copy and paste

2.How to use a pic hosting site. (photobucket.com gives full tutorial on how to use their site) Upload your pics to your on-line host (i.e. photobucket,etc) and we are ready to begin.

First step is to get into your profile. Once inside, we can set your avatar.

To access your profile, click on the profile icon

Once inside the profile section, click on "modify"

You will then be asked to re-enter your password. Type in password and click "Confirm Password"

Now you are inside the profile and will want to access "options" to get to the next step. Click on "options" now.

An avatar can only be uploaded from an on-line image hosting site. For this example we are using www.Photobucket.com. Once you have set up an account and loaded images to the site, you will "copy" the "url" of the pic you want to use.

Return to the "options" page of your profile and

1. Click the box that says "I have my own picture"

2. Paste in the URL that you copied from photobucket. Paste it in this box.

Your options page should now look like this

Now scroll down and click on "change profile"

Now click "change profile" again and you are done!

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The FAQ is just like Ragu it's in there! ;)

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Guest bigtex

This is how I did mine. Go to www.photobucket.com and create a new account. Don't worry its free. From there you can download pictures from your computer to a folder that you created. To download a particular picture from your computer to photobucket simply login to your account and click on the browse button to the right. From there a screen will pop up and you can select as many pictures as you want to transfer to your photobucket account. After you transfer the images you need to click on the button above each picture that says edit and from there you need to change the size of the picture from 50% to 25%. This size will do perfectly for this forum.

After all of this is complete minimize the screen for the photobucket and bring up the bassresource forum and sign in. After you sign in go to profile and from there modify. It will ask you for your password again and from there go to the 3rd option. I don't remember what it is called. After you do this minimize the forum and bring back up the photobucket that is already sign in. Go to the picture that you want and there will be 3 lines under it with words that look like greek. Highlight the first one that says URL and right click on it and click on copy. Minimize photobucket again and bring back up the forum. By the spot that says "I have my own photo" click on the square box and then right click beside the http//: and hit paste. Make sure you take out the extra http//:. Make sure you have just one http//: at the begining of the line. After all of this then you can click on change or save or whatever it says at the bottom of the screen. Then just go back to one of your replies or post to see if it worked. If you have any more problems send me an email and I will send you my phone number so I can walk you threw it. Good luck and I hope this isn't to confuseing.

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The new tutorials linked from the FAQ's contain screenshots to help explain how to add pictures to your posts and avatar.

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