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Casting Instruction Videos?

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I have fly fished most of my adult life. Now that I live in Southeast Texas, I'd like to take up Bass fishing. I have 2 KVD videos and a couple of others. I see that that there are a number of different casting techniques. The side arm underhand roll cast, flippin casts, overhand cast etc. The problem I'm having is that none of the videos tell you the mechanics of making these casts. In fly fishing there are many "how to cast a fly line" videos. I haven't been able to find any videos on how to spin cast or bait cast.

Do any of you know of any instruction videos for spin casting or bait casting? If so, where might I buy them? I've checked Google, Bass Pro Shop, and Cabelas.


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That's a good question.

I have never seen a video on casting techniques, only.  I do have many videos from the pros on fishing various lures and types of water where they give you some casting pointers, but not one on just casting.

May I suggest that you consider attending a Bassmaster University in your area?  I learned so much about casting secrets from the pros at previous Bassmaster Universities that I use and I also modify their instructions.

You may want to contact Bassin or Bassmaster Magazine to find out if they have any casting articles in their archives and if so, try to obtain a copy.

The latest FLW Outdoors (March, 2006) has a fun article for kids on how to flip and pitch (page 5 in the kids section) but it can't compare to having personal instruction from Jimmy Houston, Denny Brauer, Kevin VanDam,  Zell Rowland, Woo Daves, Hank Parker, Ike and other pros at Bassmaster University where they give the attendees personal instructions.

Skipping the lures under docks drives me crazy but I am getting better.

So check out the various fishing videos and go to Bassmaster University and you will be very proficient with your casting methods.  You may not catch any fish, but you will look like you know what you are doing!!!

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welcome counselb

i live next to you in conroe.   nice to see a someone close.  i am sure rayburn and toledo bend will be frequent for you.   where did you come from?  fly fish for trout?

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I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area and did most of my fishing for Trout in Northern California with some fishing in Nevada. I also did some fly fishing for Largemouth Bass in local lakes and reservoirs. We fished San Francisco Bay and the Delta for Stripers, and when they were running Shad in the American River.

Although I have fly fished, on and off, for 35 years, bait and spin casting is new to me. I am a real beginner at this type of fishing. I'm reading everything I can find on the web, have four videos, read BassMaster cover to cover, and signed up yesterday for Bassin' because of recommendations on this board. I also get Gary Yamamoto's WEEKLY NEWS Magazine. So in a few years, I should have some idea of what I'm doing at the butt end of a Bass rod.

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