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I bought a new bait now what???

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I bought a new bait now what???

Now this day and age with  everyone working long hard hours, and other things that life tosses at us,  people do not get out on the water and spend as much time as they would like to so they can learn things properly.  

Once you purchase a bait try to find info about it, as much info as you can.

The first step to this is to figure out how to rig said bait, (even today 2006)

People are still asking how do you fish or rig a senko??

Now there is a wealth of information here on the main site


Take a few minutes to read, as this is knowledge from people who have put the time in on the water which sorry to say, is what it takes.

What I have always done is after getting new bait I fish said bait 90% of the time for at least 5 or 6 fishing trips.

I will fish that said bait any which way I have read about, fish it anywhere I can

And use it under situations it probably was not designed for and sometimes it pays off , and sometimes it does not but you have to go out and try.

An example of this was a few years back I was sent a buzz bait to test out.

My 3rd trip out to the lake, it was bluebird skies and very windy water temp was up in the 80's and I only had said buzz bait.

(Not your ideal textbook time to toss buzz bait)

I landed 12 bass that day under those conditions on that buzz bait.

The thing is I learned for 6 trips to only use buzz bait I used it everywhere

Pads, weeds, 2 of water 40' of water, clear water, dark water, sunny, overcast, you get the picture.

I think the internet is a valuable resource for everyone to learn and share info and I am glad to live in the times we are living in.


Nothing is going to help you out as much as reading the basics then going out and putting time on the water and getting hands on experience yourself.

Then take it to the next level and share your information with others.

And this forum alone is a valuable tool for that

Everyone here seems to be able to share something with someone to help them in their ways, and that is why BASS fishing in particular is such a great sport.

I would just like to say a big thanks to everyone who has ever helped me in the past, and an advanced thanks to all those whose tips will help me in the future.

But the bottom line is still

Learn how to rig, where to use, and the basics, and then just get out on the water and fish

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