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Hosts needed-C.A.S.T. events

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Howdy folks, this is a board wide appeal for anyone interested in holding a C.A.S.T. for kids event in their hometown.

I hopped on board last year and have an event planned for Sept.

I can't tell you all how satisfying this whole experience has been for me and the event hasn't even happened yet.

What is it?

CAST is an organization that teams up disadvantaged and disabled kids with local B.A.S.S. club members for a day of fun and fishing. The club members take kids out 1 or 2 at a time on their boat for an hour or so each while the other kids enjoy bank fishing, fishing games (cast,pitch,flip),face painting, environmental education(smokey the bear,etc)lunch,etc. The kids take turns till everyone has gotten out on the water.

What would you do?

As a host, you assemble and run a committee (about 6-8 people)

The committe gets delegated certain aspects of the event such as


-B.A.S.S. clubs



-fund raising

-groundskeeping (set-up and breakdown,trash,etc)


-registration of attendees

A CAST person will be appointed to you as a go-to person. This will be one of 3 people depending on your location.

Jim Owens-founder- west coast

Art Pasley-World fishing hallof famer- central U.S.

Russ Thetonia(me)- East Coast.

As a go-to person, we set you up with an orientation overview,planning packets and organizational tools etc. We have it all laid out , step by step according to a time line. This makes life much easier on the host. We are available 24/7 to assist you and we will not let you fail! We got your back from day 1 till the event day and further into the future.

What does CAST provide?

-Support. In every way

-Planning materials

-rods,reels,hats, tshirts,Photo ready plaques with event name and date that a polaroid slips into,tackle boxes (full)

-volunteers via "telecom Pioneers"



We will explain how to get the kids and where to find them

How to raise the money needed (not much)

We set guidelines, schedules and support timetables.

We are here 24/7 for your assistance and will also be on hand the day of the event. (1 of the 3 of us WILL be there)

But this is all logistics. The big point to be made here is that lives are changed. Yours, your volunteers (friends & family), the kids involved, EVERYONE is changed by one of these events.

You will have made a huge difference in many lives through your efforts, this,...I promise.

Please visit the C.A.S.T for Kids Foundation website and surf around. Check out the video Jim made, truly moving. You can be a very special person to many special people. It's a great place to be!

Anyone interested in being a host?

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Folks, I'll be putting this up every couple of months so any new members who don't know the scoop can take a peek.  

I know many of you know the deal and I appreciate your patience but it's worth it, believe me!

If I get 1 new host, that's over 200 lives changed.  See what I mean?

Thanks again for your patience with this on the board.

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Absolutely not, I'm not but let me use this question to give you an example of how these things grow on their own.

I simply put in a call to a few people that I know fish in B.A.S.S.clubs asking how I could get on the agenda at a yrly meeting to present what we are doing. Never got that far. Next day, a guy calls me and says he's the RI BASS youth director. He was offering his 31 person team to helpp with all the shoreside fishing.

Then he asked how many boats we would need from BASS, I told him 10-15. DONE he said.

THat was that, he is now on my committee.

so now, I will be passing this resource on to the next host telling them to email BASS and find out the youth directors email.  Get him involved.

People come out of the woodwork to help, you just gotta ask! ;)

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FYI, I've been very much involved with this organization for years now.  I also run their website.

This is truly something you want to get involved with.  You have no idea the things you will learn and the experiences you will have unless you try.  Believe me, it will surprise you!

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Guest the_muddy_man

Hey I used to take a freind of mines brother fishing who was disabled at birth until hes passed these proved to be some of the most rewarding days ever fishing Russ I sent you my personal info already Rons in too even though we know very little about it Two guys at work are already interested hope we can serve you guys well

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way to step up muddy and Ron!!

You guys are gonna make a world of difference to many people!!

I've contacted Art, planning packet will be in the mail soon!

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I am in the Ann Arbor area and I would be more than willing to run one in our neck of the woods with ya!  I am new to bassresource but have been visiting the site for years, but just signed on to post!  Thanks, Kathy

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Wow, you guys are awesome!!

Kathy, should I have Art send you the orientation info?

ok guys, Muddyman in Pa. and Alhuff in Va. have stepped up to the plate and have requested orientation packets.  Anyone in their vicinity who wishes to participate/volunteer should PM them with your personal info.

I'm blown away, in one day, should everyone who has showed an interest decide to hold an event, we will have set in motion a plan that will effect over 600 people!!



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I'd like to just take a second to speak about the "bigger" duties of running an event.

First and foremost is the fund raising. This is the first thing you appoint to people and get them on it asap.

For an event with 40 kids, the cost is $2500. Wal-mart is on board with $1000 for each event but you need to go there and request it. The rest will come from area businesses, clubs and organizations. Again, all you have to do is ask.

One thing I personally found was that companies (banks, insurance,co.'s,etc) set their budget usually in Dec or so. Many organizations are very willing to donate but they need to be contacted ASAP, before the budget is made.

Another biggee to discuss is the "Telecom Pioneers". This is a group of retired telecommunication personell. This group has just made contact with cast thru my event and has asked to come on board nationally and help with every event from here on out. These people are amazing!! It's imperative that you contact your local T/P chapter president and get them on board. These folks take right over and will help with anything you ask. For my event as an example, they are doing ALL the food, face painting, and helping with goodies for the grab bags. That's ALOT!

Just a couple bigger points I wanted to bring up for anyone considering.

Again, to Muddy,Ron, Alfred and Kathy,...orientation info is on it's way,...THANK YOU so much from all who will be effected!!


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Dane-Got your PM, orientation packet being sent to the email you used to sign up here.  AWESOME!

Thanks to everyone for your interest and to all who requested packets.

Great stuff!!

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