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Guest the_muddy_man

Now that we got to know Glenn and the Mods

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Guest the_muddy_man

Hey they should form a band with that name! 8-)

Anyway now that I saw those interviews I thought it would be good to start a thank you thread to these people, with some personalized reasons they are important to us all.

Glenn ; b/c I had an earlier bump in the road and wanted to and did leave for a minute, and his reassurances went a long way to me staying and making some great friends.Thank You much.Your tolerance and patience with the youngsters on this site is incedible. Oh and undoing my ex's delete CANT THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR THAT ONE

The mods in general; Thanks for keeping me in check when I get heated about some crap I think I need to voice some serious selfrightous bs into. Thank God for your delete keys!!!

LBH; for the chance to serve kids in the community and those funky videos.

RW for turing me on to senko , well knockoffs any way RW is really a great motivator to many of us and LBH has become a friend

I never counted on all this when I pressed enter on my registration Im glad I stayed around I am grateful for all the work and insight you fellas put into these forums Dominick

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I want to add my thanks to this as well.  I have only been on here a few short weeks.  However, my bass fishing knowledge has grown exponentially(wow, what a big word  :-?).  Now it is up to me to put that knowledge to good use.

Glenn, even though I had only been on the forum for about a week, you jumped right in and volunteered to take me out fishing and show me some tricks.  Even though our work schedules have gotten in the way so far, that meant a lot to me, and I am still trying to get a day off during the week so we can go out.  I was there and saw what you did at Varner when you caught your PB, and I hope I can learn how to catch those big ones.

To Glenn, and all of the Mods,

Thank you for doing the hard work behind the scenes for all of us who have a passion for fishing, this is a wonderful learning tool for us newbies and probably even for a lot of the more experienced fishermen as well.  

I look forward to a continued learning curve, a lot of laughter, and an ongoing great experience on this forum.

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Ditto, I have same sentiment towards the forum members and staff.

Best forum I've been on.   Hands down.



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I think my "thank you" can be summed upwith one phrase.....

One of the mods said that "they are happy to see people learn a lifetime of fishing in a few months of reading here"...and that is me!

I feel like I have learned a lifetime of information in just a few months! I have been able to teach some of the basics to new anglers, and for that I am grateful to the staff and everyone here!

Thanks all,


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