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Confused with the C-rig

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I was just reading the C-rig Sticky above and things got a bit confusing...

People say the C-rig can be used as a "search bait" to QUICKLY find concentrations of fish. On the other hand, you have to fish the C-rig SLOW?? This is confusing...

My understanding is you 1. Shake 2. Reel in slack 3. Wait a few secs

Or do you just keep on dragging it along the bottom??

And about selecting the plastics to use, do they have to float to work well on a C-rig?? I read people use Senkos on C-rigs, but my wild imagination is telling me C-rigs aren't effective unless that plastic is floating and dangling around. If you're going to drag it along the bottom, why not T-rig??

Need help sorting this out....

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You can pull and rattle a c-rig on the bottum faster than a t-rig. 3/4 to 1 oz weight stays down better so you keep constant contact w/ the bottum. Try watching your c-rig move in some clear shallow water next time your out. You'll notice w/a soft stick that the action imparted to the bait is alot like a weightless soft stick, but with the weight, you can cover more water quicker. Think of a c-rig as an alternative to a deep diving crank. Now thats not to say that the c-rig cant be fished very slow with effectiveness. General rule Ive found- Faster c-rig with longer leader (4-6ft)...realy lets the bait go wild/ Slower c-rig shorter leader (3-5ft) still has lots of action, but you can stay in contact with what goin' on a little better. Just my 2 pennies

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C rig is used to search contours and structure on bottom.    The weight is always in contact with the bottom which allows you to search/investigate whats on bottom.

The mood of the fish, the time of year, water temps, fish suspended or on bottom dictate leader length and types of baits to be used.

Example, some of my lake in the upper arms of the creeks which maintains deep water are trying to to turn over, the fish in those parts are not relating to the bottom, cranks, dropshots, spoons, and a floating 3X strikeKing fluke on a c-rig would be good choice to try.   If bass are holding 3 ft. off bottom, a 4-6 leader would keep the bait in that zone best depending on the type of movement you impart to the bait.

My advice is to go to a pool or clear water that you can see 8 feet easy.    Watch your bait, see what dragging, lifting your rod tip up does, fast drag, slow drag, yo-yoing, and learn what your bait does when you aren't seeing it.   This will give you an idea of what the floating style does versus the non-floating types.    How long after moving the bait does it take to float into the zone again, or how fast a regular bait falls after certain retrieves are done.


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