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locating bass

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If we dodn't have a fish finder than how do we locate deep water bass.

Are there any tips on how to find fish year round and what objects to look for to help me under stand

the bottom of what the lake looks like.

Our lake is clear and has lots of points and a depth of about 250 feet. There is also alot of sunken brush

like trees in coves.Any feedback would be great. :D

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One tip that I learned this last year is, if there is standing timber in the lake you can note where the biggest trees are and use them to track the channel -- the biggest trees are always closest to the edge of the creek or channel.

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We had some good discussions regarding this subject during early to mid-summer.  You will have to resign yourself to a lot of work if you don't have a fish finder.  You will be searching for areas that would be the most likely to hold fish.  First, you need a good contour map of the lake.  This will give you an idea of how the structure is laid out on the bottom.  You'll want to mark the location of underwater humps, channel banks, points that drop off to deep water, flats with deep water nearby, etc.  Also look for cover on this structure such as weedlines and stump beds.  If you find prominent structure with some form of vegetation on it this is a prime location to begin your search for bass.  None of my maps show weeds but they do show timber, stumps, and rock.

Once you have located some areas on the map that meet these criteria, then you need to narrow down the areas you are going to search by choosing those that would be used by bass in the current seasonal pattern.  For instance, right now where I am, water temperatures are in the 30s and the bass are in their winter patttern, so I would begin my search on deep structure.  Once you determine this on the map.  Drive your boat to the general location.  Since you don't have a depth finder I would throw a Carolina Rig in the general area, dragging it across the bottom to get a feel for what is beneath.  You will have to count down your bait to get an idea of how deep your are fishing.  After combing an area this way you can get a good idea of what is below and you can discover some of the structure you found on the map.  I would limit myself to a small cove or smaller area of the lake that matches the areas I'm looking for,  because there isn't time to do this to the whole lake.  

Before you do all of this work, I'd check out some bait shops or other anglers who know the lake to see if they can give you an idea of where the bass are.  Keep an eye out for baitfish as well.

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