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Lizards and Sinkers

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1/16 or 1/8 for less than 10'. And up to 1/2 for any deeper. I like to stay as light as poosible for the slowest desent whenever possible though. High winds will usually make me go to the heavy side.

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For the most part I throw lizards Texas rigged & I like to stay in contact with the bottom so I'll use 3/16-1/4 oz.

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Lizards. Bass hate lizards.

Almost as much as Auburn hates Alabama.

Number of ways to fish lizards.

Carolina Rig

Early spring rig.

Use 2/0 extra sharp hook, like R-Bend Gammy or Mustad or Owner.

Use a 3/4 ounce TUNGSTON weight to feel bottom so you will know when you go from clay to mud to rocks to stumps to clay, etc.

Try 15 to 17 pound fluorocarbon line with a 10 to 12 pound test leader.

Bass may swallow lizard before you know you have him on the line so set the hook if you feel any weight or tug.

Go thru gills to remove hook if necessary.

Use lighter weight line for leader than your casting line.

18-inch leader can work but the leader length is the key to a Carolina rig so experiment with leader length. The bass will tell you how long the leader they want.

Use glass beads if possible between weight and swivel.

Use a Carolina Keeper if you want to use the same line for your rig and want to move the leader length easily.

Hook lizard in side for a different look.

Texas Rig

Rig with sharp hook as you would a plastic worm.

Let current and depth determine weight size of the bullet weight.

Use lightest weight, possible, depending on the conditions.

Don't be concerned with taking the time to change weights to heavier or lighter ones while fishing.  You do this as you check your line for cuts or abrasions or retieing your knots.

Peg bullet weight to nose of lizard to make it one long presentation.

Use Bobber Stopper, if possible, to keep weight pegged to hook and bait or the plastic pegs to do the same.

Use weedless hook if pitching or flipping into cover.

When bass are on beds, throw lizard past bed and then hop it into the bed and let it sit there for about 30 or more seconds.  

Move rod tip to give lizard's tail some action while sitting in bed.

During other applications, fish it as you would a plastic worm and set hook hard when he/she takes it.

Bass will hit a lizard as a reaction strike to kill it so be ready to set hook fast since they may just crush the lizard and let it go.

Shaky Head

Yes, you can use a lizard on a Shaky Head.

Give it a try.

Use jig head to keep bait on bottom.

Drop Shot

Yes, you can use a lizard on a Drop Shot.

Use bottom weight to keep bait on bottom and move lizard by shaking rod tip.

Give it a try.


Always put some chartreuse on the lizard's tail.

Use JJ's Magic if possible.

Green Pumpkin or Watermelon are good colors, depending on water clarity.

Use any color of lizard you want.  Bass hate lizards so they will hit a lizard if they see it.


Always use scent on all baits.

MegaStrike for starters.

Other scents as you like or can afford.

Sorry we cannot tell you exactly what weights to use so be sure to carry an assortment with you when you go fishing.

Hope this helps although I know you know most of this information.

Send pics of what you catch.  ;)

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