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Kids Casting Contest

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Hey guys, I want to have a Kids Casting Contest in or around my home town. What is the best way to go about this? I don't want it to be some little "red neck" thing, I would like it to be a fairly big deal... Any suggestions? Thanks

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If you belong to one of the two Federations contact the state Yute Coordinator and they have the plastic target you may be able to use or they can send you their rules and regulations for you to follow.

Here are my suggestions for your consideration to do it all yourself:

1.  Find flat surface on grass, driveway or playground.

2.  Put tape where you want kids to cast from. First line of tape is 20 feet; second line of tape is 25 feet; and the third tape line is 30 feet from front edge of target.

3.  Kids can bring their own rods or you can furnish them.  We use Zebco's as they are almost indestructable but they are a pain to use if the kids are not used to them.  Spinning setups can also be used.

4.  Use a jig with the hook barb cut off.  The weight of the jig is up to you if you are running the tournament.

5.  The target should be plastic to absorb the jig hits. Paper can tear. Or better, use a styrofoam board as it is even stronger.

6.  Put color photos of different fish on the styrofoan board with the bass being 30 points; a bluegill being 20 points; a catfish being 10 points, etc.  Put as many as you want on the board in whateve places you want.

7.  Kids get to practice before casting.  At least three to five casts from each of the three tape lines.

8.  Kids get three casts at each tape line and you keep score when they land on a fish or a circle you make around the fish.

9.  First line is pitch and filpping; next line is underhand casting; third line is overhead casting. Or whatever techniques you want to use.

Winner gets some fishing stuff or a rod and reel.

You can do it by age groups up to age 14.

Give it a try and have fun.  :)

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P.S. To make it count and be a bid deal, get with your Federation's Yute Director so the kids can move up to the next level.

You can adverstise on TV and radio for free as a community ad or contact your outdoors newspaper writer so he can put something in their "calendar" section announcing the event.

If you really want to go all out, get BPS or Gander Mountain or Cabela's or a local known tackle shop to allow you to have the event in their parking lot.

You can also send flyers to your local boys and girl scout headquarters; any Ameican Legion Post; churches; pharmacies; and if possible, elementary and middle schools.

You will need help.  Lots of help.  Like 10 people to help with registration; practice; the event; and totalling up the points.

It is a lot of work but it can be fun. It can also be very boring if no kids show up.  :)

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That all sounds great! I'm going to give it a try. We don't have any BPS or Cabella's here, the nearest one is in Kansas City, (2 hours). There are 2 tackle shops that are local, I may see if I can do it in the pavement parking lot. That could also promote his business. Thanks for all the info!

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contact ur local newspaper normally for stuff like this they will place a free add. just make sure u have it organized first.

Only problem with this is by opening it to the public like that, you cannot control the turnout. Tough to plan for. By inviting a specific agency or agencies, you can not only control the attendance but can have the kids "pre-registered" before they even get there. This keeps it much more organized and allows check-in to move MUCH more quickly and smoothly.;)

For more helpful hints..... LET'S HOST A C.A.S.T. EVENT TOGETHER!!!! :D ;D

Seriously, if you are going to make a run at something like this, feel free to pick what's left of my brain. ;)

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also advertise it far enough in advance so people have time to spread the word

post flyers in schools too

Same situation, you could order 50 rods/reels and have 200 kids show up.  Careful.

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I'd planned on doing both. Accuracy and distance.

LBH, send me a message with any helpful advice you can. I'm in south east kansas, Pittsburg Kansas actually. The closest bass pro is about 2 hours away. Who would be the best people to contact to get some help with this thing? I'd like to do it before it gets to cold, but, that may be cutting it close on being able to plan it like I would like it. I may have to do it early spring; kind of a fishing season kick-off.

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