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Know your prey: Seduction III

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Ok ppl no we all know that some characteristics of our lures attract bass and others provoke the strike but, what can we do to use those in our behalf ? we have to BLEND them both.

The reason why many ask WHAT I AM DOING WRONG ? has a lot to do with this, followups are a good example, you grab a lure make a cast and the fish follows your bait but DOESN 'T BITE it ! >:(, all the fish are telling you is: I 'm interested but you have to seduce me.. So let 's land this situation the fish are obviously interested in your bait, this means that the attractive parts of the lure are working but they are not good enough to make it bite, what are you doing wrong ? that YOU haven 't put the provoking parts of the lure to work.

There 's not much of you can do on the attracting parts of the design of the lure because those were put in by the designer, some can be altered ( like drilling holes in the blade of a spinnerbait or bending the tip of the blade, adding a trailer to a spinnerbait or shaving the lip on a crankbait ), but certain things can 't be done, you can 't alter the size of a crankbait, some of the greatest inventions in lures came out of pure necessity but most didn 't, even if you can alter certain characteristics the alteration may not have the desired effect and you ruin what made the bait work in the first place.

But the provoking parts of the lure can be altered because they DEPEND ON YOU, and with exception of size, the provoking parts of the lure are the PRESENTATION of the lure. How many times you have heard that word, PRESENTATION ? many times, Chris uses it with frequency but apparently you don 't understand it.

You see, catching fish, is not going to the lake, tying a bait and cast like mad. Here are some of the quotes I say:

"Casts are like roses, they shouldn 't be given to the pigs"

"Every battle is won before it 's ever fought"

"Listen to what the lake is trying to tell you"

"Luck has nothing to with catching fish, luck is cartchung a bigun instead of a litte one"

Do they mean something to you or they are just words ? to me they mean much because in order to be consistent you have to find the fish, choose the ground where you are going to fight the battle, select the correct weaponry from your arsenal and select which weaponry is going to be put into play in the precise moment. Generals don 't win battles with luck, you are the general.

What comes into play when selecting which properties in a lure will be most important: the CONDITIONS of the day dictate which properties will be most important and not the way around.

This is not a recipe but this is what I do and how I come to the conclusion:

Water Clarity:


Imagine yourself loosing sight progressively, you can no longer see well at the distance. To me is simple to understand, I have miopy, bad, in some states I could be considered legally blind, miopy doesn 't let you define contours at the distance, you only see the silouthe of the object, the larger the silouthe the more visible it is for me. The brighter or darker the color the more I 'm able to define the silouthe, the flashier the object the more visible it is to me. Increased turbidity which means less clarity is like miopy.

Solarge size baits with hot or very dark colors or flashy finish are what you need in low water clarity.

Continuing with sight ( I use eyesight because it 's one of our most important senses ) blind people can 't see, other senses take over to compensate the poor visibility. So one of the first ones to take over to compensate is hearing. Blinds have much better hearing than people with normal eyesight.

So baits that emit sound are what you need in low water clarity

How do blinds read and what do blinds do when they move around ? when they are in their everyday surrounding they can move between objects like if they could see them because they know their location in space, the same happens with fish, they know where objects are; once they are not in their regular surroundings they hear moving objects but also what do they use ? a walking stick to "touch" objects. The same thing happens with fish. Fish have the sense of touch mostly in the mouth but they have the lateral line, to them the lateral line is like the stick blinds use to "touch" the objects at the distance.

So baits with a strong hydrodynamic signature and/or emit a stong vibration is what you need in

low clarity water

Blinds have an excellent sense of smell, fish like bass don 't have it as developed as we do but they, even though they are not very keen on that side, can smell well at the short distance.

So scented baits are what you need in low clarity water


The clearer the water ( the less turbidity ) the more visible the object is. To me it 's like when I go to the ophtalmologist and check my eyesight, I take off my glasses and I 'm blind, I sit on the chair and the doctor progessively increases the definition level of the lenses, progressively I can see better until we get to the right ones where I can see perfectly well, it 's the same principle with bass.

So baits with a smaller profile and more natural colors and/or subdued flash are what you need in clear water because the can be seen, no need for bigger baits.

Since sight is not as compromised you don 't need much noise to draw attention, loud baits are not necessary, on the contrary loud, baits may mean danger, but subtle sound or random sound attracts more the attention, but you still have your stick with you that let 's you "touch" objects at the distance.

So silent baits or with subdued sound and with random sound are what you need in clear water because they sound natural, random sound attracts because it 's abnormal, what happens when a siren starts to blow ? many people instead of running away from the source of the sound run TO IT to investigate what the fuzz is all about, bass behave like we do, they are curious by nature.

Since sight is not as compromised when the water clarity is high smell doesn 't matter much, it tells you if it 's "edible" but the sheer appearance tells you if it 's edible, smell is just another clue.

So scented baits are NOT a must in clear water, it doesn 't hurt to add scent but you don 't need it.

How do you determine water clarity ? water clarity is measured in inches, it 's just a matter of building a device to measure it and to do that all you need is a metal disc and a rope with marks.

How to make it ? divide the metal disc into four quadrants, paint two in black and 2 in white so the two colors are opposed, drill a hole in the center. Mark your rope every 12 inches, now pass the rope through the hole you drilled and you are ready to measure. To measure slowly drop the disk in the water, when black and white blend into gray and you are no longer able to see the four quadrants look at your rope and grab it where the blending happened, now pull it and count the marks multiply by 12 and that 's the water clarity measure.

Less than 23 inches of water clarity the visbility is very poor. Between 23 inches and 35 inches the visbility is poor. Between 35 and 47 inches the visbility is good. Above 47 inches the visibility is excellent.

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whew!  let me try to mentally digest some of this... lol

my biggest thing at the moment is presentation.  I think I'm getting somewhat of an idea on how to make a better presentation.  but its so vague of an understanding, it all seems the same to me.  so after having said that, u now know why I am making this an issue and tryin to address it.   :-/

I'll need to re-read it a few more times to remember it, but when reading it, it makes alot of sense.  and I see where I go wrong at times.

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ahha..  maybe an article on presentation!?  lol   ;)

man, raul I can read this stuff and not have too much of an understanding by what is being said.  thats why I'm grateful you posted a series of this thread.

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Thanks Again Raul!!

you have given me another piece of the puzzle.

Now I can't wait until the weekend to try out some of this stuff!!!

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dang Raul all this talk about seduction makes me want to grab the wife and use all the principles on HER  :o

and btw thanks for taking the time... I just hope it helps ME catch more fishes...


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