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help with info on-Ultimate Bass Fishing Library

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Do any of you have some of these books and which ones. I have the first two books and they are newer original books and I love them. However many of the books in this series are not original and infact are just copies of other books printed in the past. Some are obvious Big Bass Zone and Knowing Bass but I know several others are ripoffs of other books mostly old books printed in the 80s called something like the Hunting and Fishing Library. These have been reprinted several times and are way out of date. So the question is does anyone have any books in this series and know some that are not ripoffs of old books. And also is the Big Bass Zone version the same as the actual BBZ book. And is the Day on the Lake edition original or are the chapters articles that appear in Bassmaster magazine. Any help would appreciated I have a large book collection and I dont want to spend $20 on a book I have or a book that is a reprint of an old book. Bass fishing books get outdated alot and I have bought some dissapointing ones.

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Wow! A bass booky! Very cool.

But...I have no idea about the in's and out's of that series. When I buy books sight unseen I take my lumps. It's a buy and sell sort of thing for me.

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yes i have some of those books an i noticed the same thing .but with the books that i got new or old i was happy with them . even if they are old doesnt mean you cant learn from them . every winter i go threw an read different parts of them just to stay fresh. an different times of the year i read relted articals so i can have as much info as i can going into a situation. and dont forget if you get one that wont help you send it back

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