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Techniques for Tailspinners

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I have bought myself a few tailspinners recently after doing some reading on them. I have never used them before. I have read about the technique "poppin", where you make a cast, count down to the desired depth, and raise your rod tip up, and let it down, then repeat, speed depending on water temp and what the fish want. What are some of your best ways to present these lures? Thanks!


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I cant help much for this time of year but have used them for deep for smb in summer pretty much like you explained for suspened fish. what i doing is let it hit the bottom rip it up and let it fall.I adjusted the fall rate by adding a larger or smaller size blade.Ive only started doing this earlier this year but have had great success so far.

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I used to fish tailspinners a lot, but I've gotten away from it someway. I fish them like you said most of the time. They are very good in winter when fish are deep and your fishing a small bait. You want to keep slack out of your line when they are falling or the blade will not spin. They will also catch fish on a straight retreive. One of the best baits for schooling fish because you can throw them a mile.

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