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Re: Best Conditions: Winter

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After looking through all my pictures and logs from last year to get over my boredom from shoveling snow and the lake frozen over I was noticing a few things from my logs:

1. My biggest fish were caught either right in the middle of a rain storm or right after or when its windy and crappy out.

2. Murky water depth 5-10 feet in depth.

3. Using Jig with trailer or 7-9 inch finesse worm.

Anyone else have this same pattern?

Uhhh, nope.

Winter fishing down here where I live takes place with mostly crystal clear water, all the mud and debris washed down the lake by the rains has settled leaving the water crystal clear.

Where I live normally doesn 't rain during the winter, so you fish with mostly bluebird skies and most fish you catch are caught after midday under a blazing and scorching sun with temps in the high 70 's/ low 80 's when the water has warmed enough for the fish to be more active.

Where I live anything works, actually you more kinda rotate your baits depending more upon hour of the day, the earlier it is the slower you have to fish ( jigs, worms ) and you can speed up as the water warms and the fish become more active ( cranks, spinnerbaits, topwaters ).

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thanks for the post. Its good to hear what conditions are like down south.

My info in log was regarding spring/summer/fall fishing. I kinda asked two questions in one :)

The times I have caught during winter up here are anywhere from 25-50 ft. of water. Anyone else running this deep in winter. Not very much luck though only been out less than 20 times. But when you do hook into one there nice sized fish.

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