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5 acre, shallow pond with shad - what to use?

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Hey Folks-

Next weekend I'm going to my in-laws pond in Alabama (air temp will be around 50-55 degrees, and it's been fairly cold last several weeks)......

It's about 5 acres, rarely fished, and only 6-8 feet deep at deepest point. They started managing it recently, and introduced threadfin shad......

I've fished it a few times, and generally it's tough to get them to bite......

As an early birthday gift, I get to fish all weekend long (no kid-duties, no wife-duties, etc....), so I want to make it count!

What would y'all suggest using? Worms, flukes, spinners, Cranks, etc?

I know it use to be full of smaller bass with a few 4-6 pounders, but they recently "shocked" the pond and culled many of the dinks, about 3 months ago....



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I would try Shad imitators, Rattle Traps or Shad Raps.

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All of the above. Buzz the shoreline early maybe or twitch the fluke.

Rattle bait to search them out. Spinnerbaits always good when shad around. Shadrap excellent and underused bait. Drop a senko near any cover or inside and outside weededges. Crawl a jig or worm along bottom if nothing else going. This will usually get you bit.

Keep the fluke rigged in case you see a school busting shad within casting distance.

Can I come with? ;D

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Early AM, like when sun just starts to rise - topwaters like a buzzbait or Chugbug or Pop-R.  Fan cast these baits parallel to the shore then right to left and then back left to right.

After Topwaters - Shad colored cranks and Rat-L-Traps.  A jerkbait may work, too.  Try a jerkbait with with orange in it.  

After cranks - Try your luck with wacky Senkos and *** worms. Try shaky head, too.  Cast parallel to bank and into pond.  

Be patient with plastics.

After plastics, don't forget your jig and pig.  Black/Blue or PBJ may be some good colors.  Bulkier jig profile if water is cold.

You may have to size down your presentations to get bit so don't be bashful and go with the smaller baits on lighter line.

Also, Mann's Minus One or small grubs may work.

Who knows what they will bite, especially if the pond has not been fished in a while.

But you will have a fun time trying to find out.

Send pics of what you catch.  :)

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I would start by covering the water with a spinnerbait until you locate some of the bass. Once you have located them slow it down with a large size worm maybe a 7"-10" rage tail anaconda or a culprit original worm. If you don't like throwing a spinnerbait you could always C-rig a worm or a lizard.

Try a shaky head and a jig, and also throw a nice crankbait.

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