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Need help for the following conditions...

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LAKE: Highland reservoir in South. Lots of spotted bass and some nice largemouths.

WATER: temps in low 60s. Have been in upper 50s to low 60s for several weeks now


Usually pretty clear, but somewhat stained due to recent rains. Still clear at lower end but heavy stain in river arms (we usually fish mid-lake area)


Normally about 7 feet low this time of year, but only 1 foot below full pool due to rain

WEATHER: Rain on Thursday (possibly heavy). Clear and mid-60s on Friday. Clear, calm and mid-70s on Saturday (fishing day!)

OTHER INFO: Full moon on upcoming Thursday

      Primary forage = threadfin shad & crawfish, some bream

As mentioned, the lake has a lot of small to medium spotted bass but still has some nice largemouths. Right now I don't care about the spots as this is the one time of year that the largemouths move up and are actually easier to pattern and catch. The LMs tend to move into the main lake coves and pockets, where they spawn, and sometimes hang out around isolated wood and possibly docks. The flatter coves tend to be better than the steep/deep coves for the LMs. The major spawn is typically on the full moon in April, which is this upcoming Thursday.

I'm thinking that the males are on the nest (which are not easily seen) and guarding their area. Under these conditions, what do you think the females are doing? Still cruising the shallows? Pulled back to secondary or main lake points? Pulled back into the center, deeper part of the coves at the mouth? Hanging tight to cover?

I always read about fish pulling off spawning flats and to fish the first drop or deep water nearby, but a highland reservoir like this has tons of deep water and virtually no spawning flats.

I think my primary pattern will be to try and run isolated cover in the middle to backs of the pockets and coves. If this is not working, or I'm only catching smaller males, to pull back to the mouth or middle of the coves for the staging females.

Any ideas or help would be appreciated.

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As per your quote; The major spawn is typically on the full moon in April, which is this upcoming Thursday.

You should have bass in pre-spawn, spawn, & post spawn so your evaluation of what you will be doing should be dead on.

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being that that front will have just passed and that temps are still in pre-spawn you'll have a bit of everything some spawning some spawned and some if any post spawn. my game plan would be to first hit transitional rocky points in about 10-20 ft of water and then try some shallow spawning areas since its early you might find that the males might be making the beds so you have a good chance of catching good numbers id say if all your catching is numbers of males back off to the closest area of some deeper water and throw some slow cran kbaits or carolina rigs. and if all else fails hey you spent a day on the water and remember always learn something if not then you have failed

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