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Yellow line as a lure?

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I'm gradually replacing the line on my spools.  Using Power Pro braid.  Red = 10 lb test, yellow = 15, and green = 20.

Yesterday I was fishing at the calm end of the pond in the shallows.  Caught a few fish on a chatterfrog and a Mepps #3 Black Fury.

I had the yellow line on the reel with the chatterfrog, and had three hits at the line right where it entered the water.

Hmmmmm, maybe I need to devise some type of float for a hook.  The line can pass through on a cast or retrieve.  If something strikes at the line again, all I have to do is reel real fast.  When the lure gets to the hook, I can set it.

The fish that hit at the line were neither lunkers, nor little guys.  I'd guess a pound or better, judging solely by the splash and swirl.

Since the fish you don't get always seem larger, reduce my estimate by half.

Just thought it was interesting.

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I've had that happen on all kinds of line - usually it is blue gill - one of the "problems" with green Power Pro is that the green dye fades off after a while - don't know about the yellow and red (haven't used 'em) but at the Spring Classic at BPS this year - Fred Roumbanis was recommending that when the dye fades, use a sharpie to blacken the last 6' of so of the line.  Just a thought.

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The red seems to come off as a "dust" and gather on the eyes and levelwind guide. Perhaps it's excess material since the line is still red.  

(edit)  The red waxy dust gathered as I was initially filling the spool, not while fishing.

I've read that they solved the problem with the red line. So far, the yellow does not do that.

I'm curious about coloring the last six feet black. If it's to make it less noticable to the fish, why not just use black line?

I saw it years (like 40 or more) ago, but haven't noticed it in my shopping. At least not the brands I've been interested in.

Now I'll have to check it out.

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The red and high vis yellow make it easier for the "fisherman" to see.  I always use a sharpie on the last foot or so.

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