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moon phases and bass fishing

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last thread i posted was deleted just because a moderator got mad because i made him feel not as smart as he thaught he was to hating my threads so this just made me wanna ask again. whats the moon phases and how it effects fishing? basikly can someone give me a explanation of the moon phases?

asked and was deleted

asked in other post but was never answered

dont like me asking dont reply

dont like my grammor and spelling dont reply

its that easy dont be a jerk about it

i thaught this was a bass fishing forum were we can share what we know and ask questians but apparently its just a forum to get mad at people for the way the spell and put words together and not only that get mad just because someones asking a questian. its not even about bass fishing for you people anymore its all about if my spelling is write or wrong or if my grammor is write or wrong if you wanna discus grammor go join a english grammor forum. unbelievable how a simple questian asked by me can stir up an uproar from people and how i can make a point across a moderator that he had to deactivate my last post because he knows im wright, he will probobly delete this one as well or even boot me from the forum his ego and knowlege was hurt thats why he did what he did.

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