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SK Anaconda Bass

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Finally had a chance to try out the Strike King Anaconda & it delivered!  I caught only 2 bass this morning & this was the better of the 2.

I didn't have a scale on me but I'm guessing this bass is around 2 1/2-3 lbs.  Thought I hit a rock but realized on the second thump it was a bass.  I set the hook & the bass headed for the surface & did a real nice jump for me to see how big it was.  It pulled some line too!

I also finally had a chance to try out my new Daiwa Zillion rod I bought in December w/ a 7.1:1 Zillion b/c reel(bought that last year).  Had the Zillion reel needed the 6'9" MH Zillion rod to compliment it.  The Zillion setup w/ 30 lb PP braid & flouro leader worked like a charm.  The Zillion 6'9" MH rod is more of a stiff than a MH.  That's okay cuz this will be my jig/worm rod w/ occasional 5" hard jointed swimbaits.

Back to the SK Anaconda, I was intrigued w/ this worm when it first came out.  It does have alot of action, but not sure if paying $6 for a pack compatred to Culprits is worth it.  Sure do like to try new things & see how they work though!


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I have the exact same rig, even LH retrieve reel.

The Zillion combo just feels so sweet when out on the water, doesn't it? ;)

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Congrats on the anaconda bass, oh yeah that is a sweet setup you got there.

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