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Changes Year To Year And Why They Occur

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After looking back on my fishing logs from last year the spawn I starting really late this year. Here are a few entries from april of last year from my fishing log:

April 7th, 2010

Air Temperature: 88 degrees

I didn't get anything, but my friend got a spawining Female Largemouth, which was really small on a Rage Anaconda which was 7" and in the Green Pumpkin color.

April 9th, 2010

Well, I went out and tried out the Rage Shad and caught 3 bites on that an 1 bite on the rooster. I was fishing with a seven foot six bait caster with 15-pound P-Line Fluorocarbon with a 7:1 Gear ratio reel. I was fishing some thin surface vegetation, Most of the fish I caught were small, short and chunky, one even had a huge gash by its tail. I also had many strikes, but some did not result in hook-ups. I am officially a Rage Shad fan. I was using a Rage shad in the White color. I caught all my fish in about two hours in one spot by some cattails.

April 10th, 2010:

I think the Bass in the Pond are too used to seeing the color of my Rage Shad, I am using the pearl color. They ate it up yesterday, but won't touch it today! What is another Good Color. I also threw the Smokin Rooster and the Rage toad and got no bites or action! I was fishing the same spot as I was yesterday. I tried fishing it over thick vegetation by cattails where I saw bass Jump earlier, but I didn't get the heart beating action I did Yesterday. I also tried fishing it in open water...

April 24, 2010:

Caught One bass on White Denny Brauer Premier Pro Model jig on 8-pound test.

April 23, 2010:

I went out on the water today and while I was fishing one one side of the pond, Bass kept on Jumping on the other side of the bank where the water is only a few inches... So I went to the other side and threw my Strike king tube in and say a bass pick it up by a " Tentacle", so I cut the tube off and tied a strike king Ocho in the Junebug color, Stood back from the bank, Casted the bait past the nest, and reeled it to where I saw the bass before and let it sit....... 3 minutes later I see my line moving, So I set the hook. When I landed the fish I noticed some really small spots on the tail that were bleeding. The bass was not very fat, but long. I was using 8-pound test fluorocarbon.

Can anyopne think of any reasons I cant catch a bass from these ponds when I was doing so well as you can see above last year. I have attached a picture of the pond from two summers ago

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