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Spro Little John Crankbait

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Just wondering if this is more a cold water crank bait or is it also good for summer time. I figured since it was a flat side that it was better in colder water. Anyone like the cell mate color thinking about getting a few and trying them.

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It's a great bait anytime fish are shallow. Cell Mate is the color if you're only going to have one. I have also done well on Citrus and the "ghost" looking ones. I don't get too carried away with the cold/hot water theory for choosing bait styles. If one isn't producing, try something else. JMO.

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Don't get too caught up on the flat sides being good for certain water temperatures.

These cranks are great because of the tight action and the bill that deflects off just about everything. I thrown it into tips of sunken tree branches with no problems. As soon as you feel it hit the piece of cover, stop reeling and let it float up a little, then continue cranking. This avoids a snag and creats a erratic motion that works pretty well.

As for color, my favorite is the peanut butter and jelly combo. The deep purple back w/ a tan belly kills where I fish.

Hope this helps. ;D

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