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Texas rig hard hookset help!

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Hey guys, well can u guys explain the way to go when hook setting those largemouth with weedless presentation. When i see my rod with pressure, i go foward and a good pull into the back.? like a right to left hookset?? im confused. I saw those guys hooksetting those big bass on FLW tour with soft plastics and they got a good technic, could u explain it in a good detailed version please!!! thanks. im using mono so it has stretch.

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Detection, Timing, & Speed

Detecting the strike is an art many anglers have a problem with and this will have a tendency to throw the follow two completely off resulting in missed fish.

The art of feeling a worm/jig bite is a fine combination of watching your line and feeling for unnatural sensations of what your bait SHOULD NOT feel like. Some times you will feel that classic Tap, some times you'll only see line movement, some times your line will simply go slack, but some times there will only be a feeling of heaviness that is almost like you're hung on something. The bites where the bass moves after inhaling you bait are the easy ones to feel because there is line movement, the bites where the bass simply inhales your bait and just sits there are the hardest to feel. Feeling a worm/jig bite requires keeping a certain amount of tension on your line while at the same time keeping a certain amount of slackness in your line. To the average angler this makes no sense at all but to the worm/jig angler it makes total sense.

Timing: once I detect any unnatural sensations I down the rod tip depending on the amount of slackness in the line, reel any slack, and set hook straight up.


Detected the strike

Dropped the rod

Reeled any slack

Set hook straight up with quick snap of my waists/forearms to my chest

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