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Pro Swimbaits paddletail tubes

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Just got 2 packages of these last week, tried them out tonight in a shallow weedy lake and I was extremely impressed, the bass just crushed them.  Similar to the Yum Money Minnow with the slotted belly, however this one had way better swimming action. I've tried Reaction Strike, Strikeking, Basstrix, Berkely and a couple of others, this is the best I've used so far. If you're looking for an excellent paddletail tube check out Proswimbaits.com, they now have at least one loyal customer.

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Hot d@mn those bait look good! Particularly the prowake, the colors look sick, especially chartreuse shad and bluegill. The price seems like a bit much at $10 for a single 5" paddletail swimbait. I usually don't have any problem shelling out cash for high-dollar lures but $10 bucks for a single 5 inch soft plastic swimbait seems excessive, they look good but not that good. Do they seem like they would hold up well? I'd like to try them on some smallies but the ones around here would tear that thing up quick and at $10 a bait that would start adding up quick.

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I just ordered more of the paddletails, they said they would stick in a couple of Flukes to sample. I'll post my feedback when I get them wet, another thing I like is that their product is made in the USA.

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