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Need help choosing crankbait sizes/ running depths.

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I want to purchase and try some Rapala and Bill Norman crankbaits. My question is what sizes or running depths should I try first. Rapala of course makes the DT series in at least five sizes:






Norman also comes in various sizes as well:

Little N 4'-6'

Middle N 6'-8'

Deep LN 10'-12'

DD 14 12'-14'

DD 22 15'-18'

Of course I cannot afford all sizes for now, but I wanted to buy at least 2-3 sizes in about 2 different colors. What would you recommend?

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This is a very super duper general question you ask however imo,,,,

how about the 04, 10, 16 in a bream color, shad color and craw color and remember crankbaits are better when you thump the grass r timber etc good luck

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Shouldn't you be answering your question about running depth since only you know what depths you want to fish?

As to colors, I'm not big on them as an ultra-important factor. I generally get by with two colors, something muted like shad or bluegill pattern and something louder, usually firetiger.

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