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Academy H2O Jerk Shad Opinion

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Now this is based on my trip yesterday to a local pond that is HEAVILY pressured. I found 3 things I did not like about it. 1 The box really is not labeled for diving depths so I had to guess. 2 I can only get it to dive to around 2 or 3 ft. ( i like the 4-6 ft range).3 It floats slowley back to the surface, I like my jerks to suspend.            With that being said the action is outstanding. The price is wonderful. They are available in very good colors. The finish is nice. Good hooks (I believe). They are very loud on retrieve. They are the perfect jerkbait for someone just getting to learn jerks. Over all it is a good lure for such a cheap price. I have 3 and yesterday was my first time to really really fish one. I did not catch anything on it, but i never catch anything on anything other than plastics out there.It is all too deep for those lure types in this pond. It drops from the bank to about 1'for maybe 2 or 3 yds then straight to 17', then another drop to 25'. But if you have an academy around and you want some good quality jerk baits for cheap, pick some up.

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