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Best Leader For Deep Crankin ??

Deep Cranking leader  

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  1. 1. What is the best leader for casting deep crankbaits?

    • Fluoro
    • Mono
    • Braid
    • Metal (steel or titanium)
    • Other

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Hoping to get a little help here!

I've really started to get more into Deep Cranking, esp now that the summer is setting in. Thanks to Stu, I have even started "downsizing" my line, going to 12lb fluoro...and it has already made a difference! Longer casts, which in turn get the big cranks even deeper, better sensitivity, and still get a little stretch too!

However - here is the issue: when cranking deep, esp into rocks, I've noticed that my line is getting frayed pretty badly and I am constantly retieing because I certainly don't want to break off on Big Momma! So, my question is - I need some advice on the best types of leaders or other protection that you are using while deep cranking.

Is a heavy fluoro leader, say 12" or so, the best bet? How about a similar length of a really heavy mono? Or, since you are fishing pretty deep anyways, often at night, can you get away with a 6" steel (or titanium) leader (i.e. I have some brown steel leaders that we use when pike fishing in Canada that seem like they would probably work...and they have the added benefit of having a snap, making it easy to switch baits without having to retie).

Any advice will be considered (and probably tested!!). Thanks, and, as always - tight lines!

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What are you calling deep ?

Let's say: 12'+....usually down to about 20' or so

And to further clarify - the water here, for the most part on most of the lakes that I fish, is pretty clear. Not crystal clear or anything, but good visibility.


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12 lb Big Game mono, buy it in 1/4 spools, reel spool every other trip and re-tie often. Excellent casting line, good knot strength and abrasion resistance. I crank with DD22's and Poe's 300 series with no issues in deep rocky structured lakes.


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