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Whattya Think About This?

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Just pulled up TW and saw this:


I don't own a boat to mount a trolling motor on but even if i did i don't think I would use it. What do you guys think about it?

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not a chance. any time I see "ignite a feeding frenzy" or somthing similar in an advertisement I stay away. But if KVD uses it it must work great! right? :rolleyes:

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KVD was supposed to use the BSX Fish Activator previously and now he has upgraded to the new sonic model.

I don't beleive this unit will produce more fish strikes.

I have the BSX unit and it has never done anything to help attract bass. It is also difficult to use and it runs out of power very fast.

I suggest spending your money on other fishing related items then investing in another gimmick.

And yes, KVD may have had the unit on his boat and turned it on, but I doubt he relied on it, especially in the Louisiana waters.

It is like Ike saying that we all need to go out and get the new Havoc baits. He never said he used them or that he caught anything with them. He just said they are great and we all need to go get them.

I'll pass on them, too. :)

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