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Anyone Hit The Potomac Below Wilson Bridge Lately?

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I am planning on goin out of ft washington this week just wondering if anyone could pass along a few tips. This will be my first time in the river this year.

I haven't been down there lately, but I can give you some advice from past years down there. First, here's last weeks fishing report from Gene Mueller from the Washington Times. I'd pay attention to his reports because they can be helpful at least to give you ideas to start with:


From my past experiences during end of June/early July, it really depends on the water temperature and how much weed growth is out there. if the weeds haven't matted up yet, lipless and shallow diving crankbaits could be productive over and around the grass beds. Mann's one minus cranks work pretty well. If you hook some weeds, rip it away then stop cranking and often you'll draw a strike. Spinnerbaits also are good around the weeds. Topwater could give you some good early morning and evening bite strikes too.

If it's hot and the hydrilla has matted up, try pitching the pockets and holes (or punching them if you have that tackle at the ready). Early morning and late evening frogging works good over the mats too, as do super flukes, senkos, etc.

Soft plastics work well around wood all year long. Isolated logs often hold a fish. If it's hot, think shade. If you have a little depth, shady cover, and a moving tide, you should get fish. Spinnerbaits also work well in these areas. If you like to flip and pitch, try that too.

Some of the creeks have boat docks, pitch to them. Spatterdock fields also produce especially during tide changes. Frogs and weedless plastics are effective.

Also, check out some deep water spots. Bridge pilings and deep diving crankbaits are worth trying.

Weed beds can be found at the mouths of most of the creeks and inside the creeks. There are also some along the main stem. Flats with weeds near deep water can be hot spots.

Finally, pay attention to the tides. The fish don't move far, but you have to adjust and find them when the water levels change.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

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