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How To Get Fuel Tank Pickup Out

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I think I have narrowed my boat engine trouble down to the gas tank's fuel pickup. I have replaced gas lines, cleaned both carbs out, replaced bulb, & replace fuel pump. It still will run for 20-30 secs & then run out of gas & the bulb goes loose (not holding the prime). I have been told air is getting in the line somewhere. I think it might be the fuel tanks pickup. I can't seem to figure out how to get that part off the tank so I can see if it is partly clogged or has any holes in it. My gas tank is the Tempo TP18T 17.5 gallon gas tank (http://www.marinepowerservice.com/BoatingStore/browse_detail3.cfm/productID/20652.cfm). Does anyone know how to get the fuel pickup up & out to check it? When I turn it, it just spins (doesn't get tighter or looser). Does it just pop up & out? I just don't want o break anything.

Thanks for all the help. I always get great advise here.

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I have no idea but I would probably start by calling or emailing the manufacturer to find out if the part is replaceable or going to your local tempo dealer and asking them.

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The one I had worked on recently had a o-ring inside that sealed it and was difficult to remove too.

I ended up calling the manufacturer also to be sure.

Get the model number and have all of your info ready and call (732)751-1200 and they will help you.

That is the help desk number for your tank.

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There should be a 5/16 - 3/8" barbed fitting screwed into an elbow on top of the tank that you're fuel line is held onto with a hose clamp. If someone has not already removed it, that barbed fitting should have a check ball in it, screw it out and check. If it does have the check ball, you might want to get a reqular fitting and replace that one. That ball is a coast guard requirement the help prevent an engine fire for going down the fuel line and into the tank. Many fuel delivery problems are caused by them, the ball sticks fully closed and lets no fuel by or don't let enough fuel by.

Now as for your fuel pickup, it should be on the other end of that elbow you screwed the barbed fitting out of. You should be able to screw it out and it has a line coming out of it going down into the tank

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