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Fishing The Meramec River In Sullivan

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Going on a float trip next week on the Meramec river next week. I have never fished it before. Any suggestions on what to use? Don't have much experience fishing rivers. Should I look for deep pools? Are plastic worms a good choice? What about rooster tails? Any help is appreciated.



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Pretty stretch of water. I've fished it for many years. The bite is not what it was couple of years ago due to the illegal gigging done the last couple of years. What a shame! Back in the day 50 bass a day was common, but you'll do well to catch a fraction of that.

Anyway, the Meramec has a decent shallow water bite even on the warmest days of summer. Soft plastics such as baby brushhogs, craws and worms in 4-6 in. should get a few bass with all three species present. THe best locations have current, cover, and depth. Cover can be in the form of larger rock or trees, and I'm talking at least 5 feet depth close to the bank. Thse "dark" holes are best targeted with jet boat w/ powerful electric, but I don'tknow what you are fishing out of.

If you like topwater fishing some days can be good with small walking type topwaters and buzzbait, or even horny toad type baits. Use the topwaters in the same places and do cast into shade as much as possible. Small cranks usually in crawfish tones work also and should be fished around the cover too. Good luck.

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The smallmouth will usually be in current this time of year...In, above, or below a spot with current, particularly in places where the water starts to speed up, or slow down.....Current Speed & Depth are the key...then cover...shade, rock, wood, breaks in the willow weed, etc. I fish everything in sight till I figure out a pattern. Start on top with a buzzer, or walk the dog bait, followed by a Zoom Fluke, then a jig, or plastic on the bottom. You can usually figure out the program in the first mile or two. Cheers.

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