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4Th Of July Photography Fun!

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So each year I get to watch a great fireworks display from my backyard. I decided I'd actually play with my camera a bit and try to actually take a few decent pictures. These actually came out halfway decent for my first time using an old camera to take pictures of fireworks using manual settings. No more automatic button for me. Good times. Was a bit windy, and you can see it in a couple of the shots, still nothing to complain about. I aint no photographer after all.

There aint no better way to celebrate the birth of your country than blowing up a small piece of it!






Really bad quality video of the grand finale:


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Love the pictures man! They're pretty astounding.The third picture is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. My favorite of them all. It reminds me of a tropical flower. Do you have a bigger image of that? (I dont know if you downsized the pictures for the forums)

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Cool pics I took my son to his first fire works display last night he's 2 and he was terrified of them. He was exited as all hell to go soon as that first one went off he jumped in my lap and burried his face in under my arm(not the best place it was 90* and I sweat A LOT lol) I tried to get him to watch but he kept yelling no and repeated by "bye bye home". Ill have to show him the pics on here he likes taking my phone and looking at pictures

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