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Largemouth Bass And Cold Water

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One of the lakes I fish regularly is located in a chain of 3 manmade resevoirs all of which are part of a river system. The river feeds a much larger lake (40,000 acres) to the NW, this lake is held by a dam which feeds the lake I fish (7,200 acres). Downstream of the dam is a 4-5 mile stretch of clear, cold, moving water which opens up into the lake. The water temps below the dam hold constant in the upper 50's year round. As it nears the lake mouth it holds around 70°-75°. These waters are loaded with trout and striped bass.

Will Largemouth Bass hold in these cold, shallow waters? I know that this area will have the most oxygen, and plenty of food, but I have always assumed the water was too cold for them? Am I wrong in thinking that? Would they be more apt to pile up at the mouth where the cold water meets the warm lake?

If LMB could be in the area, what approach do you think would be best to entice a strike?

Any input would be great! Thanks.

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LMB prefer water the 70's, it's ideal for them. The reason LMB go deeper in the hot summer is to find cooler water with good DO levels; add a good prey source and the bass will be there!


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