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Lake Sinclair October

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Hey y'all I am a member of the Southern Bass Anglers (Georgia Southern Collegiate Bass Fishing Team) and will be fishing my second tournament as a member of the team on October 1st on Lake Sinclair. I have spent numerous hours trying to dig up information about the lake but cant seem to find to much solid information. I am curious to know if anyone fishes the lake regularly or has any experience on the lake! The weather has started to cool off a bit and hopefully has started to push the bass back up into creeks. I have fished the lake only one time and spent most of the weekend flipping docks... of course.. this was during july... Once again if yall have anything im all ears!

Thanks Alot!


Cast and Destroy

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Hey man. Fall fishing on Sinclair can be a lot of fun. I like spending most of my time up the Little River, where the water is dirty, and I feel the best population of quality fish are located. Go explore the river in practice and have the following tied on.....frog, spinnerbait, square billed crankbait, jig (make sure you can skip under docks), and a soft plastic jerkbait or senko style bait. Target every single dock, every blade of grass, every oddity in the seawalls, and especially every piece of wood cover.

Hit the grass patches with the frog, and if they don't eat that, toss in the crankbait or spinnerbait. Whichever the fish tell you they want to eat that day. At Sinclair, they will eat one of those 2 on every day of the year. If you catch a fish off the grass on the frog, spinnerbait, or crankbait, throw your soft plastic stickbait into the grass and work it methodically. Usually in Fall, there will be more than 1 fish on a spot. The reaction bait gives away their location, they you go back through and catch em with a slow bait. When you come to a dock, Hit the edges with the frog, and if you can, skip the frog under the docks. After that, work it with the spinner/crank, and again, if you catch fish, toss in the stickbait. When your trolling between docks, take that frog or spinner/crank, whichever they are eating that day, and parallel those seawalls, especially if there is any visible cover or dark spots under the water. I can't tell you how many big fish I've caught BETWEEN the docks than under then. You will also find a lot of stretches of shallow laydowns on Sinclair. I prefer a spinnerbait in this situation, but that's just what I have confidence in. Slow roll that thing over those trees and you will catch em. There are some days they crush that frog over the trees, so don't forget to try it. Once again, if you catch a fish off of a tree or stretch of trees, go back through with a jig or stickbait and work the area thoroughly.

Good luck my man and be careful up the river. It's a blast up there, but you need to stay in that channel and watch closely for floating debris.


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Sorry for taking so long to get back to you last week was hell with all the homework and tests i had... but anyways thanks a lot for all the information! Im sure its going to help me out a ton this weekend! How ever i am curious to know just how far up the river you tend to start? and do you recommend starting in the back of creeks? I know we are putting in at the ramp right next to the bridge that is by the power plant.

Once again thanks for all your help!!


cast and destroy

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