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Way Points To Sd Card.

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I have recently gotten Navionics Hot Maps explorrer. I really like the program, I just want to know if anyone knows how to save way points to my SD card (in my computer), then pop that sd card into my 898 with my actual Navionics chip and actually be able to access those way points. Can anyone help?

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I'm not familiar with the Explorer. I have the Navplanner2. What you do with that program is to place your waypoints on the map, then download them onto the card.

Plug that card into the unit, and it will automatically place those waypoints onto your display. My Humminbird 898 has two card ports, and the appropriate card containing that body of water must be installed and the card with the downloaded waypoints must be inserted as well.

I think the Explorer program is also a product of Fugawi, marketed by Navionics. When I've had questions such as yours, I've sent an email to their customer service department and gotten quick responses with thorough and clear instructions to follow. Check the info that came with the Explorer program for contact information.

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When you create a waypoint it puts it in the program Waypoint Libary.

Click on "GPS" at the top of the program. Select "Waypoint Libary". Then use the symbol at the top left (second one) to choose "Export Waypoints" to your SD card.

Check your sonar unit GPS waypoint format setting before putting the card in the unit (they should match).

I've never done it, so I'm just looking at the software operation choices.

Use the Help function at the top right of the panel to learn how to use the software. That is covered by the usual statement "when in doubt, read the instructions"

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My understanding and reading from the Missouri Dept. of Conservation website (if those are the ones yuou are trying to load into a Humminbird) is that it can't be done currently. Using the MDC site, a helper program will pop up on the screen to assist you in downloading all the statewide sunken brushpiles in lakes provided you have a Lowrance, Garmin or anything but a Humminbird. It's tedious to individually load them. I know because I've been doing it myself.

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