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Pound for pound it's pretty hard to find a fish to outfight a ladyfish, aka the poorman's tarpon. They are hot right now and this year is maybe the biggest fish I have seen of that species. A big ladyfish is 5 or 6#, that's it, multiple jumps 5-6-7 times or more is the rule not the exception, they strip out yards and yards of line too. Could be one of the most aggressive fish, quite common to unbutton a fish and within 2 or 3 cranks have another on the line, they hit anything. Not an easy fish to land, very hard mouth like a tarpon, reminds me so much of bonefishing except much easier.

Once they clear the area the bluefish and jacks come in, they can run much bigger but we have only seen small ones so far, I'm heading today to target 30# jacks, I know a spot.

Snook bite has not been as strong as it should be, the weather has just been to calm and way too much bait around, live mullet are the ticket, artificial users have been having a tough go. Get a 15mph ne wind with a 3-4 groundswell and the snook bite should pick up, I did hook something yesterday on a 1/4 oz bucktail that snapped my 30# leader like it was sewing thread, I think a large jack, but will never know.

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Yep, I agree with you on those Ladyfish, they get clear out of the water on every jump, and multiple times. Lots of bluefish right now and they arn't to bad of a fight either. Did get a keeper Snook last week off the pier. This week not so good just blues and ladys. I did manage a just legal Pompano the other day. Mmmmm tasty.

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glad to hear you got a keeper, my snook catching has been real spotty.

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