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On Board Trolling Motor Charging System

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I came across an article by Louie Stout, Senior Writer for Bassmaster Magazine. where Louie discuss the merits of the Stay'N'Charge system to charge your trolling batteries as you run your outboard motor.

Two questions for the gang:

1. Has anyone installed this system and if so what have been the results?

2. What do you guys and gals think about installing such a system in your boat?

Here is the web page so you can read about he Stay'N'Charge system.


Thanks in advance for your thoughts and comments. :)

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These types of products come up now and again. Honestly, To me it seems more cost effective to start with good batteries and a good trickle charger/conditioner. I run Optimas in my boat, and have a 3-bank (5-5-5) charger. I supplement that with a trickle charger/conditioner on the cranking battery. I don't generally make long runs, so I get little benefit from the rectifier on the outboard. So, my opinion without ever using such an item (yeah-yeah) is to spend you $$$ on a good charger.

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Thanks J.

I also have a three bank battery charger for the three batteries and so far it has worked well.

However, in windy conditions the trolling batteries start to lose power around 1PM leaving a good two or three hours of tournament fishing on weak batteries.

I think I will hold off on making the purchase. If the unit does what it says it can do I am sure the pros will start selling it.

Thanks again. :)

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Mine lose power on windy days, but it's a long, slow decline. I have gone three days without recharging before they finally were useless.

As far as what the pros are hawking....lithium. It'll be a while, but that's the next frontier.

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