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Battery Charger Question?? For A Maxx29??

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This is mine in the pic but lately I'm wondering if too small for my batteries? I have 2 Marine Everstart Maxx29 and when out after a few trips I feel like my battery is dying and is in need of charge so I switch batteries. Good 2 go after that, my Minn Kota edge 45lb thrust is pushing again. But here's my problem I get home clean terminals to both charger and the dead battery and hook it up to charge. On 6 amp it read charging 75%? I tried it on 4amp as well same. My volts is on 12v.

Do anybody think my charger might be too small?? Also should it be on 4amp or 6amp? From the pamphlet it says 4amp is for automotive and 6amp is for fast charge automotive and light trucks.

Some people says these has charge and a battery life problem, I wonder if that what I'm dealing with? I just bought these maybe May or June so they fairly new.

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It's about half the size of what's recommended. 12 amp would the ideal, 10 amp would be good, six amp is the absolute minimum you will want to charge them at.

You will get longer run time if you run both batteries in parallel rather then running one down and then changing.

Are you charging them as soon as you come in?

Are you letting them charge until the charger goes into the maintenance mode?

Get you a good hydrometer with a floating bulb (not one of those with little beads in it), charge them until charger goes into maintenance mode, disconnect charger and let them sit 24 hours and then take a hydrometer reading of each cell. Those batteries will show 1.280 if they are in good condition.

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What is maintenance mode? I always charge when I felt they were dead and wait till light turns green. Thanks and yea I need one these hydrometer. If can may you explain Parallel?

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I hope you're not talking letting them sit after using them, sometimes days, use them again and do this until you think they are discharged and then charge them. If this is the case, you have probably ruined them.

A battery MUST be charged within a reasonable time after use, and no more than 24 hours after use.

Maintenance mode is the float mode that charger goes into when it has fully charged the battery.

Parallel is when a cable is connected across both negative and both positive post on the battery. That way you are using both batteries at the same time.

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