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Going From Land To Water

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Hey Folks

I have been one iof the bank fishing guys and figure its time to get wet. I found a boat but have no info on it. Here is what I have figured out and some pics of it.

It's made by Custom Bass Boat Inc. The model is a 20 ft (1989) Bass Classic they are/were made out of Wisconsin.

Any knowledge of this boat would be helpful. I don't want to take the time and money to rebuild a bad hull to start with.


NC Coast




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I know nothing about this model of boat, but I can give you some pointers on what to check and look for. Regarding motors, it is always worth the money ($150 - 200) to have the motor checked by a mechanic. It is better to spend two hundred dollars up front and avoid purchasing a lemon than to make the purchase and have to spend a few thousand for a new or used motor later down the road.

Motor (I can't tell from the pictures if there is one):

  1. Check lower Unity oil. Milky color means water is getting into the lower end.
  2. Check motor compression.
  3. Spin the prop and watch for wobbles which would indicate a bent prop shaft.
  4. Check for bent blades and skeg.


  1. Check underneath for gouges especially in the pad area.
  2. Check for flex in the transom. This should definitely be solid.
  3. Make sure all electronics work.
  4. Make sure the bilge is empty and take the boat for a test drive. Check the bilge afterward. If there is an abnormal amount of water there is probably a leak somewhere.
  5. Check compartments and livewells.
  6. Make sure the U-bolt used to connect the winch is firmly in place.


  1. When the boat is taken out for a test drive, place your hand on the wheel hubs of the trailer afterward. They should be warm but not hot.
  2. Check the lights, the bunks, and the supports for cracks, rust, problems, etc.

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That old of a boat, basically and unknown model, being a 20 foot boat with no motor, and a first boat. All I can say you are leaving yourself open for a whole lot of headaches. It's very hard to check a transome without out motor hanging on it, let alone everything else that needs to be checked.

I sure hope it's one steal of a deal, and even at that, since you know little about boats, you still may regret the day you take it home.

Boats with motor generally cost a lot less than trying to put one together by buying them seperate. If it has the controls, you will have to find a motor that matches them or you will have to find one that has the controls and install them. I've been messing with boats for over 45 years and I'm still extremely cautious about buying one without the motor. Like I said, it has to be a real steal for me to even consider it, and I know how to thoroughly check them out.

One other thing, you do realize a 20 foot boats needs approximately a 200 hp motor.

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Well thanks for the thoughts. I have decided to for go the boat. May just get a tire tube and float.

I am not totally new to boats but have never fresh water fished out of a boat. Always ocean fishing.

But again thanks for the thoughts.

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