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Big Bass Man

Recent Work...

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Here are a couple of new colors that I painted. Also a custom flatside basswood crank that I built.

I caught this shad took a few pics and looked it over as well as I could to see what the best blending would be. I am going to try a few different colors along the back. The backs on these change from green to gold.

Lake X Foiled Gizzard Shad



Foiled Golden Shiner



Custom Basswood Flatside Crank


I have been wanting to try the Real Skin finish on a bait. A friend at work caught and froze a shad and brought it to me. I left it in the freezer for a month or longer, before I had the time to try it. After I thawed it out, I thought I better snap a picture or two, before trying to skin it. The skinning didn't go very well so I painted his bait using the pic I took of the shad. The shad was a good bit discolored, but made a pretty neat looking bait.

Foiled Tenn Tom Shad


LC Pointer 100 in Foiled Threadfin Shad


School Of Shad


Dark Hitch Baitfish



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Thanks guys!!

Great work. That foiled Tennessee Shad is interesting. Is that a blank that could be bought or did you carve it?

A friend at work brought it to me to paint. I think it is a blank that can be bought from Predator. Not certain, but I will ask him Tomorrow.

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Awesome work! Nice job.

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