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Bass Angler Magazine

What's In The Winter Bam

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"It looks like the Winter issue will be here ahead of schedule, maybe even by the first week in December, in tackle shops by December 10th, on newsstands by Dec ember 27th and hopefully, to subscribers about the first week of January," said Mark Lassagne Bass Angler Magazine Editor-in-Chief.

As he showed off a few of the articles to be expected he said, "BAM continues to amaze the fishing community with another batch of 30-plus new, different and great feature articles for the Winter 2012 issue. Allen Teer helps us prepare for the winter with specialized clothing and tells us how the pros stay warm in adverse conditions. Tailor Smith gives some simple techniques to help you win your next tournament. Greg Hackney and Sonar let you know it's okay to flip your way through winter and Dave Wolak and John Crews crank it up. But, that is not all. You will also learn the ins and outs of a football jig, how to fix your livewell pump, how to fish a winter spoon, which is better the Power Pole or Talon, what happens to the fish you release, what confidence means from the man that wrote the book, how to fish a flutter spoon with Charlie Weyer, to see if a released bass has a warning system, what KVD says about becoming a pro and that's not even half of what you'll find in the winter issue."

You can also get to know anglers;

Dee Thomas

Cody Roberson

Johnny Walker

the Mad Fisherman

Get more information on;

Bait Fish Movement

Dying Baitfish

Winter Fitness Tips

Rules of Fish and Game

Visit the locations of;

Kissimmee, Florida

SWEPCO Winter Wonder Lake

More information on BAM, the bass fishing mag written for and by bass anglers, can be found at their website http://www.bassanglermag.com/?p=3324

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I gotta tell ya folks; this is the best magazine I've seen in a long, long time. Over the years I've subscribed to every fishing mag out there. The only one I've continued to renew is In-Fisherman. If subsequent issues are up to the very high standard set by the first BAM I received, this is one I will continue to renew.

It is printed on heavy, glossy paper. It feels much more substantial than any other mag I've ever seen. Lots of good articles, by well know fishermen, really good pics, and not that much advertising. What I cal the info-to-propaganda ratio is very high.

The amount of information in the one issue I've received so far is about what you'll get from a whole year of Bassmaster mag. BAM blows Bassmaster completely out of the water.

You owe it to yourselves to try this out. If you think it's a lemon, well, convince me, and I'll post a vid of me eating a lemon.

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May have to try and find it on the stands. Then If I like it you can bet I will sign up for 3 years. Glad to find this info on this thread.


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Best Bass publication out there. Just as helpful for a hermit in Vermont as it is for a west coaster or southern gentleman.

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I subscribed to it and I bought the online version as well.Can't wait for it to come.Best darn Bass fishing mag out there.Thought Bassin was good but I let it go and got this one.I just wish it was like bassmaster and be once a month and not by season but its pretty cool tho with season patterns and destinations and what not.

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