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Sunline Sniper

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I'm really liking this sniper in 20#. I've been a tatsu user since it came out but at 50.00 a spool, it's starting to get to me. sniper isn't quite as limp as tatsu but it's hardly noticeable at all and tatsu is definitely not 25$ limper than sniper. i also don't feel like it cinches down on knots like tatsu but it's pretty dang close all the way around. i guess the tatsu being a little softer on the outside explains the knot deal. i think it's neck and neck in castability with tatsu with a slight slight edge leaning towards tatsu. i haven't kvd'd it yet so this might be the trick. anyways, for 25$ i think sunline has a heck of a flourocarbon with sniper. anyone know anythink about shooter? I heard its much stronger but a lot stiffer.

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I am in love with Sunline. I have used almost everything they make and haven't had a single break off, knot slip, or any problem so far. I am not saying they are the best lines out there but they fit good into my style of fishing and more importantly, my budget. I am 16 and can't afford to dish out $50 for Tatsu, even when I'm fishing tourneys.

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