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Adjusting Centrifugal Brake

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hey. i just bought me a new H2O Mettle reel, and it has a centrifugal brake. this is my first reel with this type of braking system. i tried adjusting it with some instructions i read here.

so, i pushed 3 pins towards the axle of the spool, and leave 3 outside. however, i cannot put the sideplate back on. the pins are hitting against the bearing in the sideplate... if i push all the pins to the outside, i can put the sideplate no problem.... so, am i doing something wrong here???


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I've never held a Mettle, but does your braking system look something like this? This is a Citica 201E.

All brakes off.


Three brakes on (11 o'clock, 3 o', 7 o'), three off.


Sideplate closed.


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thanx a lot Deep!! it looks exactly like that, only it has metal pins and the caps slide in them... i moved the metal pins at first, but then i realized maybe the caps are the ones that have to be moved, just like you show... and thats how i set it for now, 3 on and 3 off just like you show in the pic...

thanx again!

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