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Rabbit Hair Jigs

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Tied up a few jigs today with Rabbit Zonker, hope these can sway a big Small Mouth bass into eating it at pickwick soon.

1/4 oz round head with Matzuo 3/0 Sickle hooks


This one has some 3/8th oz foot ball heads with 4/0 Matzuo Sickle hooks and also some of my long fish hair jigs. I have caught a few good small mouth on these. They look strange but work great on Small Mouth and Sauger. The red head and blue hair jigs is a 1/8th oz Rolly Polly Head jig


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Very nice. How is the sink rate on the fur jigs? I remember making some that I had to wet first or they would float. I haven't tied one in years but you have unlocked the bait making monkey. (Not that he stays in captivity long in any case)

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They sink slow, But if your using a 1/16th oz or so jig you have to wet them or they will float. Used to buy these to fish with. But now would rather tie them my self. Been Tying Sauger jigs the last few days.


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