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Weigh In Improvements...

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Hello All,

New member here and I am looking for your input.

2012 will be my second year as Weigh Master for our local fishing club and am looking to make some major improvements to our weigh-in process.

I am looking for some input from everyone on some of the setups you may have seen out there.

Here is my story, for the years I have been affiliated with our club, we have just done tailgate weigh-ins with a professional scale. The plan is to immensely improve this procedure.

I have seen the use of a utility sink as a bump station but really want a more efficient set up.

I have been looking for a LONG plastic "tub" similar to this http://www.globalindustrial.com/p/storage/bins-totes-containers/nest-stack/storage-container-48-1-2-x-23-x-13-1-2-blue

I envision our anglers bringing their bag to the scales and placing the bag in the tub (without dumping the water) as Weigh Master, I would then remove the fish from the bag, Bump them and place them in a mesh bag for the weigh-in. After I weigh the fish, I would place them back in the anglers’ bag (still full of water) for them to release the fish. All this will be done on a folding table.

Now, you would think... "Well that is easy, you have it all figured out. Why don’t you just do it and not ask anyone for input?" Unfortunately, it is not that simple. The website I have linked up will no sell just one of these tubs and I can not find any similar. Now I am looking for alternative input and ideas.

Thank you for your help,


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Go to a farm supply and ask for 100 gal. Rubbermaid stock tanks.

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J Francho,

Thank you for the very quick reply... I am looking to do this on a folding table. So that would be just too large.

Also, I have to be the one carting the weigh-in supplies to and fro so, I would like them to be as portable as possible.

I do appreciate your input though.

Thank you.

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You realize the container you linked to are easily 50 gal. capacity....that's over 400 lbs. The big opens here use a 100 gal stock tank on the ground for this.

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I realize that. I am not intending on filling it up with water. It will be a dry bump station where I will simple take the fish from the anglers bag, bump it and place the fish into a mesh bag for weigh-in.

Then I can just pack the scales and everything back in to the tote, throw it into the bed of my truck and head home after the awards are handed out.

As usual (for me) I may be over complicating things. But, having fish transferred and bumped in something like this will be much better then doing that on the tailgate of my truck. Then, at least if a fish does get out of my hands, it is not flopping all over the ground.

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