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When Is Med Lt Spinning Rod A Mh?

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Ok, I'm researching relatively inexpensive spinning rods in the "MedLt" category. However......whoa......?????

Let's look at a few examples:

Lew's Tournament Speed Stick SG 7' MedLt 4-10 1/16-5/16

Lew's Laser SL 7' MedLt 6-14 1/8-5/8

Kistler Magnesium 6'9" MH 10-16 1/8-5/8

Okuma Concept C3 6'10" MH 6-14 1/16-5/8

Okuma Concept C3 7' and 7'4" MedLt 6-12 1/8-3/8

And just for giggles, let's throw in the

Tsunami Trophy Boat 7' Med 12-30 1/2-3

Am I the only one confused? I've got Medium casting rods rated for 8-17, 1/4-1/2. I assume the Trophy Boat is a saltwater rated rod. Tsunami has other lines of rods that fall within the above ratings.

I realize there are no set specifications, but these figures seem a bit ridiculous to me. Look at the Okuma rods. Are they marked wrong? Surely a MedLt can cast lighter lures than a MH.

Just expressing a little frustration. Don't expect enlightenment. :D

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There is no industry standards. The line and lure weights imo are only a guideline, very normal for me to throw lighter or heavier lures than the numbers on the rod. Say I have 2 rods, both rated max 3/4, one rod may easily handle 1oz while the other doesn't. The main downside I have experienced in tossing lures a little too heavy is a sore back.

Tsunami Trophy Boat 7' Med 12-30 1/2-3

Rods like this generally aren't using for casting, not that couldn't be used for that but they would be a little awkward.

I have Redbone boat rod 15-30, I also have a Redbone 15-30 spinning rod, the design of the foregrip and rear butt are totally different ( cork, not evo as in the boat rod) than the boat rod and very comfortable for repetitive casting. I'm not so sure they use the same blanks either but I don't know.

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