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New Orleans Bass Fishing Trip?

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I'm a sailor onbboard a U.S. Navy ship that is going to be in port New Orleans for the 16th through the 20th of April for a big celebration of the war of 1812.

Long story short, I'm a Bass fishing fanatic who has never been to Louisiana and I'd love to go if I'm able to find someone who will let me fish out of the back of their boat one day that week, I will be bringing all of my own tackle.

I would love to hook up with someone who can put us on some of them big 8 & 9 lb. bass I'm always reading about. I'll buy the gas for the boat and your tow vehicle if necessary.

Thanks in advance!

~ Josh


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If you don't find someone to get you into a boat, don't despair, you can go to City Park and fish the lagoons. There are lots of bass in them, some over 10 ounds get caught every year. You can also catch some Blue Rio Grande Cichlids there if you downsize your lures a little. There are not many places you can catch them, so it is a unique opportunity. Across Wisner Blvd. from the park is St. John's Bayou if you get bored with the park. Get a Matrix Shad or Redfish Magic spinnerbait to fish in the bayou, there are specks, reds, and bass in there. Just work your way around the shoreline, you will get something. The fishing is best around the Harrison Ave. bridge and north of it. If you choose to fish the lagoons north of the 610, be careful, that place is full of gators. I mean FULL. Good luck, and welcome in advance to NOLA.

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Josh i live just north of n.o. tournament fished many yrs. got burned out and quit for 15 yrs just bought a used cajun bass boat starting back missed a worm bite how addicting they are i will try to help u out cant be sure until it gets closer depends on my schedule use to fish venice and caernoveron all the time had been there in yrs but I think i can figure something out this is ware u want to fish not the big one ur looking for but when they are on plenty quality. by the way my son is a black hawk pilot hope someone would do the same for him keep in touch

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