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Jamie Jackson

Potomac: Running Blue Plains, Oxen Creek, Fox Ferry, & Woodrow Wilson Bridge

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Hi folks,

I was Googling for a route through this treacherous stretch of the Potomac, but I came up short.

I didn't create the following route on the water, but rather with some free mapping software. It represents roughly the way I usually run Blue Plains and Oxen Creek, but it has routes I haven't tried for Fox Ferry and the WW Bridge.

Please give any input you have. The best information would be actual waypoints from your GPS/plotter, but any/all feedback would be appreciated.

Route/Waypoints in CSV format.

Free mapping software.

NOAA Chart Downloads (for the free MD base map, scroll down to "ENCs by State," and click "MD."




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That usually the way all my friends with big boats run it!

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I've traveled these waters many times. I can tell you that I always go very slow in two places on your track. Counting from the top (the way points - dotted circle); between number one and two there are some wicked fouls. My Navionics chart shows a channel there - and I've always motored on through. Last time out, I hit something HARD. I couldn't find anything on my motor or hull that looked damaged, but my depthfinder was showing 6 ft when I whacked it. I'll check my GPS unit (I think I marked it). Right at point 7, it can be ugly. I've seen guys blow through this area. I have a deep V aluminum... I go way slow and often trim up my outboard and go with the trolling motor (can be very good fishing at Fox Ferry point). You can also use the tide(s) to your advantage. If low, go slow. Between 4 adn 5 it can be shallow, but I've never "hit" anything in that region.

I have to read up on exporting, but I'll try and upload my tracks...

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CAUTION ! Know the tide level and be VERY careful at Fox Ferry, I have personally seen boats misjudge the distance off the shore and one lost his lower units on the rocks trying to run the track at high speed. IMHO, You can't read the electronics and drive high speed at the same time; you know the route or you don't.

You didn't say where you were headed; your map shows going south of the WW; if that is correct, why go this route? This is the route into Penrod's Cove from Gravely Point.

Cheers, Eric

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