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Planning Ahead

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I want to get a kayak or bass boat after I get back from my deployment. I'm starting to lean towards a kayak but I got a few questions hopefully you guys can help me out.


1. Cost what's a decent yak run I'm fine buying used as well.

2. Outfitting costs what can I put on the yak and what's it gonna cost me electronics, holders, what ever else ya need I'm new so clueless.

3. Do I need special rods

4. Storage is there alot of storage on yaks I have alot of gear like most of us.

Those are my biggest questions really and of course ya need to know where I will be taking the thing. Lake Ontario tributarys, lake Ontario bays, lake Alice wich is a small lake, glennwood small lake like Alice. The tribs are ranging from shallow some what fast water but alot of calm bends and breaks. Some are 6-10ft fow rivers if u can call it that. I'm a faiths stocky guy but I'm droppin weight so I'll probably be about 170 or so on my return to the states. I'd prefer some thing stable to stand in I'm kinda clumsy as well so I'll prolie fall in that's inevitable but I wanna make it harder to do so lol.

J Francho you know where I fish an are a kayak guy what ya recommend I know iv asked befor but I forgot I'm righting it down now and workin towards it.

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May I suggest a boat you can spend time with your boys in, when you get back. Just a thought.

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I'd love one and it's still not outa the question it will probably be a alum 12 or 14fter nothing fancy just stable and safe. Nothing wrong with having both lol

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