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Richmond Area Pond Hopping

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Well im out of town working in the richmond area looking for fishing spots and have had some very helpfull reasources.( Sam, WdyCrankbait ) i have built up a list of spots to check out. Monday morning i went over to lake rooty didnt have any luck there. Not discouraged ill try it out again It looks like it should have a fish or 2 i can hook up with. Thursday morning I went over to tom brooks lake and started at the pond beside 64. About 10 cast in i pulled out my first largemouth only about a 1Lb 1/2. Right after landing that fish the next cast produced a chain pickerel. Caught 2 more in this little pond before moving down to the fist pond. There was alot of activity in this little pond couldnt tell is all the fish rolling on the spinner bait were pickerel or bass. I drove down to the fisrt pond started my way around the pond and again about my 10th cast pulled another small largemouth out from under a tree falliin in the water. Made my way to the middle pond skunked there but no worries. On my way back to the car i stopped at 2 spots i liked on the fist pond walked out onto a fallen tree with a deep hole and trew the spinner bait out and let it fall with a slow retrieve and had a big cat allmost suck it in. I pulled it away didnt want to deal with it. Last stop before the car i pulled one more pickerel out. It was a allright morning would like to hook up with more bass but any fish is fun. Headin home for the weekend to search for some hogs in my home water but next week i will be back out in richmond looking for the perfect pond or maybe a spot on the james to hook into a smallie.


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